13 juli 2009

#WPC09 - Day 2

Then the first Keynote is done and thank god for the Office 2010 demo that saved the entire morning!! Microsoft Office 2010 Puts Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the Web!! Fabolous stuff, especially the sharing functions that I know for a fact many people will totally love!! The lil auto-delete button in Outlook where you can totally ignore an entire conversation (say you are being cc:ed in a conversation you really not interested in, you put a tag on that conversation and from now on, all further mails will be automatically deleted!! Stephon Elop might also be my fav speaker, so far that is :)

A huge flop on the other hand is the WPC-connect page that shut down (probably all people surfing to it at the same time) but in this new "think green spirit", no one knows where to go because we didn't get any printed material this year... HUUUUUGE MISTAKE!!!

Ok, soon of to some more sessions... on something, somewhere, somehow...

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