Participating at EdTechX 2017 in London

Tobias Strandh & Emil Robertsson at EdTechX in 2016
Last year when we visited EdTechX we found ourselves amazed at how far education has come when it comes to technology. For a company as ours that has been involved in the professional learning business for some three decades we know that we are forced to keep up speed to continue to be the preferred choice of Nordic companies. I wrote a reflection on four mega trends in the education business (in Swedish) and I’m extremely pleased that our company has implemented so much here already!

This year we are one man stronger when our EdTech Innovator Thomas Koponen joins us in London and this also ensure that we shouldn’t miss any of the extremely interesting looking sessions as for example The Key Trend Driving Transformation and Investment in Education and Training, Global 21st Century Readiness: Developing the Skills, Digital Collaboration and Talent in Education, Inspire Learning and Creativity With VR and AR (one of my favorites from last year), How Chinese Elite are Re-thinking Education, Effectively Implementing, Measuring the Success of Learning Sciences and so much more!

I also feel that I get approached by more and more new EdTech companies that are interested in working with me on a Nordic and global perspective. Of course, this week press conference that we are joining forces with EdTech star Claned has gotten a lot of attention and I myself truly believe that we are one step further in creating that perfect blend of digital and onsite training that is needed ahead!

We’ve worked close with learning transfer professionals as Promote International and gamification masters as PragmatIQ for quite some time now and I do see the bits of the puzzle fitting one by one! Maybe after next week conference we’ll have some more pieces to create that wonderful image that tells the world that we are still ahead of our time when it comes to delivering professional coaching to our clients in the optional way!

I am so looking forward to next week at


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