Disruption is the new black

In my previous post ”The future was here yesterday” I looked back on the rapid change and need for creative thinking and continuous improvement in our industries that has been the case for at least the last two-three years. Today there are few companies that atually argue they need to look at their business with new eyes and disruption is the word on everyone’s lips. At Informator we’ve recieved a massive interest in our new ways of delivering training, announced programs like “Leading Digital Business Transformation” and “Being Innovative” and lately I’ve also noticed people I’m connected to that also started highlighting these ideas.

So what is really happening, is everyone all of a sudden afraid that newcomers will take their place if they don’t re-invent themselves!? The digital transformation is moving so fast now that there surely is needs for quite some big colossus to begin their agile processes unless they want to continue a downwards spiral. But on other hand, many companies has a great product or service that just need to fit in a new world. New ideas combined with the skills and knowledge from experienced people will always be the best way to approach new markets (and yes, every new decade the kids transform to new clients and co-workers).
Whether a business, an organization or association, you can no longer continue working as you’ve always done just because it is the easiest way. If you want new employees, customers or members, the management must embrace new ways of working or choose not to be around in a few years 
The one important detail right now is that you really cannot continue working as you have all the time in world. Decision makers that take two-three weeks to go further with the tiniest details, will find themselves overrun by more fast moving competition. Of course you sometime need a bit longer to decide whether to go ahead or discontinue something you’re working with. But it is crucial that you have the necessary processes to quickly decide this. And management that stay out of reach for the people actually doing the daily work will soon find themselves alone on a sinking ship! Social and transparency should be two main lead words for every company or organization that aim to still be in business five years from now and remember, disruption is the new black!


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