2 september 2009

Javakväll i Göteborg - 090909

Här kommer en liten påminnelse om Javaforums Göteborgsmöte nästa onsdag, 9:e september

Plats: IT-Universitetet, Forskningsgången 6, Lindholmen, Göteborg

17:00 Macka & mingel

17:30 Intro

17:35 Ajax Push for Revolutionary Enterprise Applications using ICEfaces (engelska) Emerging Ajax techniques, variously called Ajax Push or Comet, are bringing revolutionary changes to Web application interactivity, truly moving the Web into the Participation Age. This session provides a detailed introduction to the Asynchronous Web and its application to social computing, explaining the underlying protocols, the challenges for application servers, portals and developers and the high-level techniques available to application developers. Attendees will take away the information they need to add multi-user collaboration and notification features to their application. The session provides a lot of inside views and demos using ICEfaces, an open source Ajax framework based on JSF as well as Liferay, an open source enterprise portal solution where portlets built on ICEfaces can leverage the user experience and Ajax Push can be used as a form of IPC (Inter Portlet Communitcation).

MICHA KIENER is responsible for Research and Innovation at mimacom ag, a company specialized in Java and open source technology applying agile methods. He is initiator and main committer of the open source framework edoras, committer of Liferay, an open source enterprise portal solution and participating in the development of ICEfaces, an Ajax-framework based on JSF. After his diploma thesis in artificial intelligence, he focused on Java, especially in light-weight, model- and process-driven architecture and framework developing.

18:20 JavaUpdate med summering av JavaOne Mika Timonen (IBS JavaSolutions) och Mattias Karlsson (Ciber)

19:00 PAUS

19:20 Bean Validation - JSR303
Validating data is a common task that occurs throughout an application, from the presentation layer to the persistence layer. Often the same validation logic is implemented in each layer, proving time consuming and error-prone. To avoid duplication of these validations in each layer, developers often bundle validation logic directly into the domain model, cluttering domain classes with validation code that is, in fact, metadata about the class itself. JSR 303 - Bean Validation - defines a metadata model and API for this type of validation based on annotations. In this presentation we will see why we need JSR-303 and how we can utilize its API. We will also discuss how JSR-303 will be integrated into frameworks like JSF 2 and JPA 2.

Hardy Ferentschik (Red Hat). Hardy is a core developer on the Hibernate products: Annotations, EntityManager, Search and Validator. Currently focusing on the implementation JSR 303 - Bean Validation

20:00 Rapport från XP2009
15 minuters summering av det bästa från XP2009 Martin Erlandsson (IBS JavaSolutions)

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