8 juni 2017

7 elements of engagement

Just found these notes from a session somewhere, sometime and thought it could be good to write down in a digital place as well for future... How to conduct an engaging presentation

  1. Start with the cool stud (get everyone engaged)
  2. Discovery - don't give it all away, make people guess about some details
  3. Interaction - do things together with the audience
  4. Shared experiences - discuss with the crowd (or rather selected participants)
  5. Purpose - explain why and what is the goal
  6. Relevance - a real goal is always more engaging than make-ups
  7. Challenge - provoke the audience (feedback is good, but don't solve their problems)

Looking at these notes, I do think I have to go through them once again and make sure what they really mean to me. Maybe they means something entirely different to you?

best of luck with  your presentation!

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