Diplomerad Management 3.0 Facilitator

Efter en mycket intressant utbildning kring agilt ledarskap ur ett företagsperspektiv är det dags att ta helg. Det tär på krafterna att sitta i skolbänken :)

Många intressanta tankar som;
The Self-fulfilling Prophecy Trap 
People behave according to how they are treated. For example, when the manager always changes what people deliver, why bother making it perfect? Thus, quality of work goes down, and the manager sees confirmation that more control is needed... 
To Control or Not to Control
Central control of a complex system doesn’t work, because the central node of a network cannot possibly contain all information that is needed to make good decisions everywhere 
Empowerment == Distributed Control 
Empowered people improve system effectiveness and survival. Empowered organizations are more resilient and agile.




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