18 augusti 2007

Added a blog translator - Swedish to English

Wordlingo TranslatorThis is my first English blog post here and probably my last...

Over the year, I've gotten a bunch of mail from visitors that for obvious reasons has a hard time reading Swedish. The blog in itself is intended for the Swedish market, so I will not change the written language in the posts.

However with some online translation help, you can translate posts from Swedish to English (Spanish, German etc) and for this reason, I've added a link to the Wordlingo website at the top of all pages.

As this is a limited, free translation my recommendation is that you narrow the translation the the exact blog post you are interested in (write the fixed url). If you then also extend the translation to include mostly IT terms (an option available) you should get a fairly deasant translation. If it still makes no sense to you and you are really, really interested in the post, just mail me and I'll help you out :)

Take care and stay in touch!

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